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Re-vamping site

BlueDeathAngel, Feb 3, 11 3:37 AM.
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we will be changing the site a bit, mainly the Forums, where we have already added a entire new section for DCUO, on top of the others, as that is Kaiser and I's main game for now, and we plan to build a strong guild in the near future, and the Forums will be there and ready.  Even though there is little to no activity in the other forums at this time, I see no reason to do any extra work to merge or delete any of those.  So, all previous Forums will stay, as of now, and noones access will change, as of now.  Also, the style, as in colors/layout/background/images will most likely get updated to fit DCUO/Our new guild there.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about these upcoming changes, or how to join us on DCUO, feel free to respond to this, make a thread in forums, or Kaiser or AoD.

Kaiser & AOD on DCUO (DC Universe Online)

BlueDeathAngel, Jan 20, 11 7:16 PM.
Just wanted to update anyone, we are now playing DCUO, which is somewhat similar to City of Heroes, or really most MMOs out there.  The most important difference on DCUO, in my opinion is the way you build your character, as in the skills/powers you choose and use.  In most the MMOs out there, you choose to play a class, like a Tank, and thats what you are stuck with on that character, with mostly resistance/defense, little damage, some self heals, and of course some form of taunt, and in most games the Tanks are limited to the melee classes.  In DCUO, if you like the idea of tanking, and want the option to be able to tank at different points in game when needed, and perhaps even prefer attacking from range, you are free to do so.  Each character, as of now has 2 "roles" they can play, and it's as easy as pressing 1 button, out of combat, to switch your entire skill bar, to play as your preferred role.  So.... this is not only for tanks, just my example....  If you are playing a DPS/Tank type character, and you were playing a DPS role, if your party's tank has to go for whatever reason, you can pause for a quick moment between fights, and press 1 button, to become the tank role, which alters most of your stats to be more tanky, in comparison to the DPS role, allowing more damage, along with your entire hotbar switching to your preset powers/skills that you prefer to use while playing that specific role.  

Other than that, there are still alot of good things about the game so far, obviously it's a brand new game, so the graphics look amazing, they truly did a great job of drawing out the cities, and these are actual cities, with known places and people from the History of DC comics, not just some random generated buildings with signs and names that mean nothing and have no history, like in pretty much any other MMO.  Each character chooses a weapon (Bow, guns, two hander etc...) along with a powerset (Ice, fire, nature, mental, etc....), and your travel power (speed, acrobatics, flight)  so the combination and way you can play your character is pretty much unlimited.  Within the travel powers you choose, you have an entire tree of skills that you can choose that are based on that travel power, from attacks/stuns to increasing the speed/ways you travel.  For fly, when you first begin your character, you can fly, at a normal speed, I'd say about 25 mph, if you choose the rocket pack (not sure of name) skill, within the fly tree, your fly speed can be boosted on demand to something like 75 mph.  Again, there is an entire tree, similar to the tree for your weapon, and the tree for your skills, with many many options.  There is also the Iconic Powers, that is basically a large pool of powers, taken directly from the classic DC comicbook heroes and villains, anyone can access all of these powers, have multiple of these, or choose none.

Kaiser & AoD now on City of Heroes/Villians

Kaisergod, Dec 29, 10 6:14 PM.
For those of you who don't already know, me and AoD have been playing on City of Heroes/Villians (Freedom server).

AoD played for several years and used to be the leader of the most powerful guild (Flames of Freedom) on the highest population server (Freedom). Its been about 2 years since he played, and NCSoft has made a lot of great improvements to the game since then including new powers, missions, a mission architect system (create your own stories & missions for others to play), major adjustments to powers/builds, new classes, graphics updates, and the recently launched "Going Rogue" Expansion (which among other things allows you to change sides and play Hero Classes on Villians side and Villian classes on Hero side, as well as some classes gaining access to power sets that they never had before).

I personally wasnt very into the game back when AoD used to play, it just didnt grab my attention and i only played it for a short time, but with all of the changes that have been implemented since then Ive completely changed my mind about the game and am having a blast playing it again. 1 of my favorite things about it: how much you can customize your character in every way including looks & builds/specs. Ive been playing around trying to find the perfect builds for me and have gone through about 20-25 characters just testing them out. Though i think me and AoD figured out a very good one last night.

Anyway, for anyone who either never tried it before, or tried it a long time ago and wants to see how much theyve improved the game with all the new updates and expansion, me and AoD can send you guys free trials so just post on the forums or send us a mail if you want one, or you can sign up on your own here: CoX Trial

Help the race out!

Kaisergod, Nov 18, 10 6:05 PM.
OK guys, we have noticed that our active population & CW attendance has dropped quite a bit compared to what we used to have and the low pop of other races. Sayo and Ash have both commented about how basically Bigboss has started leading the race well, getting them to work together, help eachother out with leveling, farming, etc and the players there are enjoying it which is why they got so many all of a sudden. Thats something we have been kind of slacking on. I would like everyone to start doing that sort of stuff & encourage players to work together and stay active on our race. We expect a lot of new players to start popping up wut the new promotional stuff that was announced today. SO please, in our downtime when youre not doing something like pvp, events, etc and youve got nothing better to do help out a lowbie make an alt and help some new people get leveled quickly.

I am also planning to setup some loot farming parties to help them out. Basically several of us who are already very well geared and dont really need to spend time farming for weapons & armors will team up with some new 100s to help them gear up quickly. Just a few of us together can do some pretty nice aoe farming and clear whole farming spots and just let the new players grab the loots. This will save them some time getting decent gear and get those people prepared to help out in CWs. I will try to setup some sort of schedule or announce a day or 2 ahead of time when these things will be done so people who would like to contribute can reserve a spot. Im sure i will also do some spontaneous ones too if ther ehappen to be some people who need help on and I / We are not busy.

Welcome all Celestial members!

Kaisergod, Oct 15, 10 3:51 AM.
Welcome all Celestial members from RF Asylum. This was mine and AoDs guild website from our guild FML on the CCR servers before switching to Asylum. We have begun changing the site around and completely redesigning it for Celestial guild now that we have joined. Don't mind any changes that you see going on, we might test a few things out as we redo the site. Some of the things may not make sense to you since it is from FML & CCR (such as the GPT pages / threads), so just ignore them for now and we will remove them in the future.

We may be adding/removing certain features as we go, but the main things such as the Forums, Chat, and Shoutbox will always be here so everyone can look up information as they need it and communiate even when we cant on the game. Me and AoD can both get to this site and the chatroom from work, so even if we're not in the game we may be around here if you need us. Some of you might be able to access it from work/school too.

Feel free to look around and check out the forums and stuff. AoD has been making a lot of posts to copy information and links over from the Asylum site so that if for any reason someone cannot get to the site they can always come here and do things like download the game/upater, or read recent updates/patches and event info.

Please register yourself using the links at the top of the page so you can gain full access to everything. If you have any suggestions, complaints, or questions send us a mail through this website or make a comment in the Shoutbox on the right side of the page.
Welcome to FML!!! (Fuck My Life)

Current FML Members:
If you are already a guild member, please register HERE! After getting registered (and approved by an admin):
- All members must post their equipment in the Gear section of the forums. Also a new thread has been created in the Gear section for people to request specific items (low/common accessories, runes, jewels, etc) if none of the council are in game.

- Also visit the forums for additional welcome messages, guild rules, and other discussions about RF, FML, and whatever else you want to talk about.

- Post a 'Shout' or enter our chat room using the links on the left side of this page. Kaisergod and BluedeathAngel are usually available there while at work, so if you need us for something please go into the Chat Lobby.

- See the calender section for details on previous and upcoming events.

- Check out the other areas of the site as well for updates, maps, useful links, etc.

Not a member of FML yet but interested in joining us? Please go HERE!

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